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Tea Tree Falls


A tranquil walk in Tea Tree Falls 

Inspired by the Tea Tree Falls hiking trail in the Gondwana Rainforest of Australia, this box encapsulates the items found on the trail, offering a box filled with nature's discoveries.


Inside the box 

Inside the box, you will find:

  • 3x face & body cleansers (with paper describing skin type and benefits),
  • 1x oakmoss multi balm (15ml),
  • 1x cotton bar bits bag

Handmade in Australia.  The cleansers are crafted with 80% premium organic plant oils, native extracts, and pure essential oils.  Multi balm is made with 98% organic ingredients. 

Reusable Box

Crafted from pine wood, the box can be reused as a small storage box. 


Inside the box, a detailed look

Teatree Cleanser (50g)

skin type: combination & all skin types
active: green clay, tea tree oil & leaf
scent: cooling, green, spicy

Tea tree is a native plant of Australia, known for its non-irritating antibacterial and antifungal properties.  Tea tree cleanser, made with green clay and tea tree oil, helps control sebum, remove dead skin cells, and has anti-inflammatory effects.

Stream Cleanser (30g)

skin type: dry, aging
active: blue clay, pine & cedarwood oils
scent: woody, warm, refreshing

Inspired by the gentle flowing streams in the Tea Tree Falls hike.  The addition of pine, basil, and cedarwood creates a refreshing yet gentle fragrance. Cypress and organic olive oil help make the skin elastic. 

Stone Cleanser (35g)

skin type: all skin types
active: kaolin clay, activated charcoal
scent: spicy, earthy, herbal

A stone submerged beneath the flowing streams of Tea Tree Falls.  It plays a role in filtering and purifying natures waters.  Kaolin clay provides a gentle scrub, and activated charcoal excels in removing toxins and impurities.

Oakmoss Multi Balm (15ml)

skin type: all skin types
active: rosehip extract, mango seed butter
scent: earthy, green, musk & amber

A tropical forest aroma of lush green trees and vibrant soils.  The organic mango seed, passionflower, and apricot oil create a light and refreshing multi balm that can be used on both face and body. Organic rosehip extract soothes irritated skin and calms inflammation.

Pocket-sized so you can keep nature close, wherever you are. 

Bits and Pieces Cotton Bag

Use this bag to collect and utilize the remaining bits of cleansing bars as a shower scrub bag.


Turnaround & Processing time (Australia post)

Please allow us between 1-2 day to process your order. 


Regular parcel ($9.95): 3-5 business day

* All orders will be provided with a tracking number


Please contact us at to organise the international delivery.


Refund & Exchange

Damage & Loss in transit

If your parcel was delivered damaged, please take a photo of the delivery and email to us at Then, allow us to have 48 hours to get back to you after examine your case.

Change of mind

Sorry - if you didn’t like our products! All of our products are made and packed carefully by our hands. By nature of handmade products, each individual item may slightly differ from another.

 To process exchange & refund, please thoroughly read our conditions below.

1. Only available for the unopened and unused products.
2. Contact us within 14 day from the date that you purchased.
3. Discounted items & workshops are not refundable due to change of mind.

 We do not refund the delivery fee*

Sensitivities and Allergies

If you have any allergy or sensitivity towards certain ingredients, please check our product page for ingredients. Also, all the items we sell have physical label that includes ingredients. Since our information is clear, we do not provide any refund or replacement under this category. 

 If you have any concerns about certain ingredients or products, please get in touch with us prior to placing an order to discuss.

"Good ingredients make a good product."

We genuinely believe that good ingredients are the key to good quality products, and this belief has been passed down from generation to generation. So we apply the rule we learnt to make our products. 

Since transparency is one of the keys to our business, we would love to share the information about our ingredients with you. We hope that this piece of information can also help you live healthier and conscious.


Carrier oils -  all carrier oils used in our products are certified organic

Name Source Certification
Extra Virgin Coconut oil Philipines & Sriranka ACO / EU /JAS /Fair-trade 
Sustainable Palm oil  Columbia ACO /SQF / HACCP / Rainforest / Hala / Kosher / NOP / RSPO Identity preserved
Extra Virgin Olive oil Spain USDA
Virgin Sunflower oil Europe ACO
Unrefined Cacao butter Peru ACO / EU / JAS / Kosher / Fair-trade
Virgin Apricot oil Australia ACO
Unrefined Shea butter Ghana ACO / Fair-trade / EU / USDA 
Macadamia oil Australia ACO


Native Essential Oils

Name Source Certification
Eucalpytus oil Myola East, Victoria ACO
Teatree oil Myola East, Victoria ACO

* These two essential oils above are sustainably farmed, handcrafted and carbon-neutral from a local farmer in Myola, Victoria. 

* Most of our ingredients are organic, virgin, cold-press, local products and fair-traded.  


Why Organic ingredients?

1. No toxins

In modern lifestyle, we are exposed to thousands of toxins we use daily such as household cleaners, food, alcohol, pesticides, cosmetics etc. These toxins generally can accumulate in your body system.  

Organic products guarantee no exposure to toxins such as synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and even growth hormones. Because of this, organic products are generally better for your body.

2. Sustainability

Planet earth has many similarities to our human body system. However, synthetic chemicals in conventional farming kill off the microorganisms in the soil and throw off balance, which is responsible for our ecosystem.

3. Active compounds

Many studies have shown that organic foods provide significantly greater levels of active nutritions than non-organic foods.


What do you mean by a virgin or extra virgin?

I'm sure you have seen these terms of virgin or extra virgin written on the bottle of plant oils. But do you understand what it means?

Extra virgin & virgin mean these oils come from the first extraction; therefore, they contain the most nutrition in the batch.


What do you mean by cold-press?

There are many different methods to extract oils, including the heat and chemical solvent extraction method. Cold-press is an extraction method that physically presses nuts and seeds to extract the oils. Since cold-press don't require heat or chemical solvent, cold-pressed oils generally are more nutritious.


What do you mean by fair-trade?

A Fair-trading system ensures producers in developing countries are paid a fair price for their labour by companies in developed countries. Fairtrade supports producers to afford life's essentials such as food, education and healthcare.


Tea Tree Falls


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